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Slingshot Misfit Kiteboard

Farbe: V10
Länge: 143cm
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User-friendly, versatile twin tip kiteboard

The Misfit is the perfect user-friendly beginner board capable of adapting to all riding styles. This board is probably one of the most versatile boards from Slingshot, perfect for all types of weather and conditions. The flatter rocker style combined with this board's single concave hull will ensure the most mellow and cleanest rides. At the same time, the tip and tails of the Misfit are incredibly light which increases the response of the board. The tip and tail also act as shock absorbers giving you better stability while riding through the chops. In addition, the atomic wood core construction provides an extra layer of strength, making this board more durable and flexible perfect for those bumpy landings.

What are the great things about the Misfit 2020?

  • The mild rocker and medium flex make the board great for upwind riding and cutting through choppy water
  • This flexy board gives you a good spring back and smooth rides through the water
  • The lightweight Koroyd tips increase dampening and reduce weight

What are the great things about the Misfit 2021?

  • Misfit V10 2021 Slingshot Twintip Kiteboard
  • Koroyd Tip & Tail
  • Atomic Wood core
  • Single concave hull
  • Slingshot fusion sidewall
  • Fairly flat, fast rocker with medium flex
  • Naca tech channels
  • Dura light base
  • Atomic sustainably grown wood core
  • Carbon bedrock inserts
137cm54" (137CM)16.14" (41cm)2020
143cm56.29" (143cm)16.61" (42.2cm)2021
Freeride, Freestyle, Light wind
Board Profil:
Mild rocker
Board Flex:
Medium flex
Anfänger, Geübter Fahrer
Holz, Paulownien
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