Powerslide Standard Man Black Handgelenkschutz

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Powerslide Skates

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Die Powerslide Standard Wristguards kommen mit Pads an der Ober- und Unterseite. Durch die Verwendung von Mesh-Material wird eine gute Ventilation ermöglicht. Der mittlere Velcro-Stap ist mit einem reflektierendem Logo versehen worden. Auf der unteren Seite befindet sich ein aufgedrucktes Powerslide-Logo.

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These wrist guards are made to a high standard, and offer fantastic value. They fit well, being ergonomically designed and the velcra straps do a great job of keeping them secure. The plastic palm pad feels robust and rugged and it should keep me pain free should I take a spill! They come in a nice mesh bag for storage and is compact enough to carry around easily. Highly recommended. They were a part of a larger more complex order and skate pro was amazing once again in delivering a first rate service with fast delivery. A special mention for Laura who is a real angel and who is a genuine asset to the business with her attentive and exceptional customer service. She deserves a medal!!
Simon F. (Bromley)
Bewertung: 5 von 5!